Six Challenges Facing Business Owners

After spending the last few weeks meeting and talking to small business owners in Essex, it became clear that everyone seemed to face similar challenges every day.

As expected, they are all poor at the right time and there is a constant feeling on the part of the owners or managers of these companies that they must be “practical” and in all aspects of their business. But, as they tell me, they can learn everything about your business, but sometimes they need the support and guidance of an expert to ensure your company’s growth and profitability.

Some of the challenges they faced included:

Customers are at the heart of any business. Without customers and revenue generated, business becomes a good idea. One of the main challenges she faced was how to attract, retain, and maximize their customers.

For me, the key to winning a new business and ensuring customer retention is to provide not only excellent products or services, but also an excellent customer service experience. It is necessary to develop a strategy to ensure the growth of this client and increase the income of existing customers.

Many business owners are not marketing experts and need strategic advice when it comes to developing a business situation, marketing plan, campaign and thinking about the channels they want to promote their business through.

The challenge is to let the company tell its story in a way that allows the company to grow and generate customer commitment. An experienced marketer in the company or as a consultant to help develop this strategy can allow the employer to focus on what he or she is doing best.

For many business owners, there are not enough hours in one day. All owners stretch for time. Saving more time sometimes means “no” and focusing on what is essential to business success.

This is where the employer often seeks external advice from a consultant or counselor to focus on what is vital to business development.

financial management

Small or medium companies need to manage their cash flow effectively, but profit and loss management seems to be the third or fourth “day order” for some employers.

Obtaining good financial advice from a consultant takes time to analyze business performance, monitors older debtors, analyzes client profitability and applies effective financial planning measures to mitigate the risk of entering a company’s financial problems.


Business planning seems to have been a kind of last-minute idea for some of the owners of the companies I spoke to. They were working more “on the fly.” The annual planning should begin at least four months before the end of the fiscal year and should start with an annual official budget, including the profitability of each client / client, growth opportunities, business development planning and analysis of the overhead required to deliver the services. Customer / customer, market and business growth, generate an excellent customer experience and provide a sustainable profit margin.

Successful entrepreneurs create wealth and grow their business because they understand how to build a culture in which sustainable profitability occurs.


Many business owners are not in all operations involved in the management of the company, so the challenge is to make the processes involved in managing the company easier. This is where an outside consultant or expert support can be very helpful.

Lack of process management such as sales, marketing, business development, customer loyalty, operational management, human resources and staff development can lead to corporate failure. The extension of business functions is not the best way for business owners to develop their businesses.

Lucemi Consulting is a marketing consulting and business strategy company based in Colchester, Essex, United Kingdom.

We help corporate and corporate owners by providing strategic advice to find the right solution to their business challenges. We assume their challenges, analyze problems and help them cooperatively to reach the answer.

We work with customers, help them adapt and develop their business and market environment, and develop their capabilities to ensure real change.

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