Receiving Infant on Board Signs

People use baby on board signs to show that there’s a baby riding with them inside the automobiles of theirs. Most of these signs are usually very small as they would only measure to about 5 inches in height. These indicators are often placed at the back part of a car to let other passing cars to alert them to become more careful with their driving as there is a presence of an infant within the confines of the vehicle.

The infant on board signs first entered the market during the season 1984 by an enterprise referred to as “Safety 1st Corporation.” Since then, this particular sign has made a lot of attention and immediately became a fad for just one year after it’s been released.

These signs are common in so many ways as they come in a wide selection of designs, shapes, and colors. Furthermore, they come in prices that are super easy on the pocket.


There are a lot of designs to select from for these signs. Although a lot of these signs can only be seen as a tiny signage together with the words “baby on board” without anything else. This’s to make sure that individuals would always see and be alarmed that there’s an infant using with them in the vehicle.

However, there are several designs that would come with an even more informal approach to the warning. An illustration would be a picture of a baby on a surfboard that’s attached to the rear part of the vehicle. This also is a sign that there is, in fact, an infant on board the vehicle.


The most well known of shapes that could be seen with these kinds of signs are those of the stone shape. The reason is that the diamond shape can be easily seen from afar therefore producing a beginning warning to automobiles that’re passing by to be more cautious with their driving as there’s an infant inside the car.

There are some other kinds of shapes that may be seen with this particular sign. Some examples are the circle, triangle, or even rectangular in shape.

Pavement Board of these indicators are made of extremely vibrant colors. Leaning towards the shape of the sign, the colors cause it to be so much easier for cars along with other automobiles to see the sign even when it’s from afar. Examples of the rich shades that can be seen with this sign are gray, light blue, pink, red, and yellow being the most common.


The best thing about baby on board signs would have to be the prices of theirs. They can be purchased at a lot of retailers, even online stores, at only an extremely tiny amount of cash. These signs are really cheap that nearly anyone who wants to provide a warning to other vehicles about their infant riding with them can get these signs. As it would turn out, the budget range of these signs can go from $2 to five dolars and can be put in nearly every locale worldwide.

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