Making sure Basic safety Via Servicing of Auto Tires

Maintenance of car tires is fundamental to the security of the vehicle’s life and occupants of the car. This important aspect is often ignored by many either on account of lack or ignorance of knowledge about maintenance. Below are a few essentials for maintaining tires to keep these in shape which is perfect and ensure safety.

Maintenance Tips

Maintenance tips for the vehicle tyres could be found everywhere, over the internet, through vehicle experts, mechanics and in your automobile user manual as well. Thus, stick to these tips and get your vehicle tyres in form which is proper.

Tire Balancing

Getting the automobile tires balanced at your mechanics ensures that these revolve around the wheel hub in a perfect fashion. Balanced tires lead to increased tire life and enhanced functionality of the vehicle. Apart from a mandatory requirement of an annual tire balance check it is essential to balance them after each time they are removed for repairs.


Periodic check of tire and wheel alignment is most essential aspect of tire maintenance. Tire alignment is essential for the car to run straight. It helps to retain even tread wear along with very precise steering capability and sound suspension.

Inflating Tires Up To The Recommended Air Pressures

It’s really important to check tire pressure every then and now and definitely prior to commencing a long journey. It’s recommended that you check the tire pressure once a month. Proper tire inflation is important to the vehicle’s safety.

Low tire pressure leads to increased tread wear and reduced tire life due to excessive heat generated by under inflated tires. Similarly over pressure also results in increased tread wear and reduced tire life. Towing Seattle Washington is a wise decision to keep a good quality air gauge in the car.

You have to know the proper pressure that your tyre requires. Examine the user manual for the right tyre pressure or perhaps visit the manufacturer’s site online. If at all possible, make use of an air gauge cage of good quality to ensure you get best results.

Regular Tire Rotation

Due to uneven weight distribution of the vehicle there’s a need to rotate the tires periodically to ensure even tread wear. This periodicity is laid out in the automobile manual however every 6000 to 8000 miles of running is a good guide.

Thus, ensuring you follow the above car maintenance tips, you’d surely be able to take the right care of your vehicle tyres. This is essential not just for long life of your automobile tyres, but also to ensure your personal safety.

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