Light-weight Boxes for Efficient Poster Display

Light boxes are among the most effective ways of displaying posters for your company advertising. The lighting effects tends to make the poster glow, brightens the colours and tends to make it more recognizable to the clientele of yours. While posters on their own can be effective, displaying them in a gentle box enhances the impact of theirs, pulls in the eye and also looks much more appealing.

There are lots of different types of light containers for poster display and each one has a role to play. Which you choose is dependent on the kind of company premises, the quantity of space available to you and the sort of promotion you’re running.

A basic one sided LED design may well be all you need. This will display 1 poster in its frame. They are available in various formats. Some are developed for external displays and therefore are weatherproof, others are for interior use and are less waterproof. They can have hinged frames which are lockable, useful for external displays, or perhaps have an easy snap frame. They are available in several different sizes – typically from A3 to A0 as well as custom made sizes can also be available from specialist signage suppliers.

Another alternative is the double-sided light box. This can be helpful for displays outside the business of yours in which you would like to catch the eye of passers-by originating from both directions. Or even else it can be shown in the shop window to ensure that it can be seen both by potential customers outside the store and by those currently inside.

When you have a promotion involving several items a scrolling light box are he answer. This alternates between two different posters, occasionally more. It scrolls from top to bottom and then back up once again, so that the poster on display is constantly being changed. This adds visibility as the activity catches the eye of customers more than a static display does.

Another idea for displaying many images at a time, is the revolving counter display. This normally displays smaller posters and rotates them at times therefore additional products can be advertised.

One important consideration when you’re setting up your displays stands out as the electrical wiring. They need to be mounted where there is access which is easy to wiring to supply the electrical energy for the LED illumination. Needless to say once they’re properly installed it is easy enough to alter the posters on display as often as is involved as well as the LED light box itself could keep going for many years and uses very little electricity as compared to older types of light box.

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