Katanas and You – The Lowdown on the Types of Katanas

Katanas are Japanese swords used for ceremonial uses and swordfights, slightly curved and featuring single edge blades of aproximatelly twenty four inches in length. Notably used by Samurais in days gone by, today, katanas, are used more for practicing fighting styles also as for ornamental purposes. Since they don’t weigh more than 3 pounds, they are rather easy to swing around. Nonetheless, pretty much as they are light, katanas are very sharp so they can also just as easily cut items into two swiftly. These swords are usually usually produced from stainless and carbon steel and, based on the purpose, different types of katanas can be found.

Kinds of katanas

Decorative katanas: Used only for decorative purposes, these katanas include much more exquisite details and designs, with cutters made from edged, tempered stainless steel. About twenty seven inches in length with handles 9 inches long, decorative katanas are some designs embellished utilizing Ido styles. Since KS won’t be used, it is typical for a decorative katana to weigh 3 pounds, heavier than the other forms.

Practical katanas: Used for classes and training in martial arts, these 29 inch katanas are made from high carbon steel, tempered differently to attain certain edges and backs. With a little blades featuring blood grooves, sensible katanas have handles around 12 inches long and grips wrapped in yellow or even made from leather. They also usually weigh a pound or perhaps 2 and also include wooden scabbards for storage space. For a very authentic look, black lacquer and natural finishes are used.

De luxe katanas: Used for equally practical and decorative purposes, de luxe katanas bring together decorative and practical katanas, with blades made from high carbon steel and clay tempered to get RC 58-60 edges and RC 42-44 spines. Since these’re handcrafted to replicate authentic katanas, they are the most expensive of the 3 kinds of katanas. Still, while beautiful, they are shock-absorbent and tough and are about forty inches in length.

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