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Strategic location values Botanical Garden

The region offers good employability to its surroundings Located in the South Zone of the city, part of the district of Sacomã, the Botanical Garden is a growing district increasingly valued for being surrounded by good neighbors, which increase the employability of those who live in the region and the chances of working close to home. Just a few minutes away from the neighborhood is Parque Jabaquara, an industrial and commercial pole of the South Zone, concentrating important companies, such as the Business Centers of Steel and Itaú, as well as the Mercedes Bens factory, located in the nearby city, São Bernardo do Field, in ABC Paulista. The German automaker received at the end of last year an investment plan of R $ 2.4 billion in Brazil for its modernization.

Benefits of Living in the Botanical Garden


And to get to these places, either to work or to solve a routine situation, the main access routes are the avenues Padre Arlindo Vieira and Cursino, known for being routes of numerous bus lines that pass through the neighborhood and take the residents to main subway stations of Zona Sul, such as Vila Mariana, Praça da Arvore, Saúde, São Judas and Sacomã. Through these and other routes, the population also arrives easy to the Sacomã terminal and the Intermunicipal Jabaquara terminal.


For those who drive by car, the fact that the region is surrounded by important roads, such as the Anchieta and Imigrantes Highways and the Maria Maluf Road Complex, means that the route to important areas of the city is faster and as well as to São Paulo, offering quick access to the cities of Diadema and São Bernardo.



The Botanical Garden also offers a complete infrastructure with schools, supermarkets, restaurants, street trades in general that meet the demand of the population, facilitating the routine without having to leave the neighborhood. This is one of the factors that attracted new real estate developments in the region. Offering a new way of living with complete condos, leisure, security and comfort. For leisure, countless green areas offer more quality of life to the inhabitants, such as the State Park, the Botanical Garden, Zoo Safari Park and São Paulo Zoo. They are fun meeting place for the whole family. Thus, new residents have been attracted by the possibility of living in a neighborhood with so many benefits and a good location, which leaves the routine more pleasant and day to day functional.

Botanical Garden Protection Network

With the growth of the real estate industry the demand for protection network in the Botanical Garden has been growing every day. And Construtora Cury, has a mega project in the region, which has more than 80% of the units sold. The GO Ten Botanic Garden. Next to everything the area offers the best demand for buying an apartment is being quite large. And with this heats the trade in providing Botanical Garden redes de proteção. The Botanical Garden Protection Network is an essential item for peaceful and enjoyable living that we all desire. The Protection Networks is working in the region with the installation of protection nets, mosquito nets, clothing clothesline and Bathroom Box.


With stable prices, property sales grow back in SP.

For those who want to buy the house, the timing is ideal. This is because, after three consecutive years of falls, the real estate market of the city of São Paulo has grown again.  Just like the price of the protection network there was no increase the good news is that the price of real estate did not rise at the same pace as the market reheating. “Prices are still accompanying the recovery, they remain stable. Some regions have the same prices for months or even years ago, “says Flavio Amary, president of the São Paulo state housing union (Secovi-SP), in charge of the information released in February 2018.

Network protection keeps price stable

Even with the recovery of the partial commercial sector, Net & Cia _ Protective nets, keeps the prices frozen, in our company of protection screen for balcony, window and soccer court, our customers can acquire the screens for windows with the same price than a few years ago

Market research data


According to the survey conducted by the union, real estate sales in 2017 expanded by 46.1% compared to 2016, considering only new residential properties.  For the president of Secovi-SP, the growth of the sector is a sign of the recovery of the Brazilian economy, with reduction of interest and stability in the level of jobs, which is helping to partially restore consumer confidence. The sale of protection network also had a significant improvement in 2017 the sale and provision of services in the protection network sector reached 35.9% more than 2016, and in the first quarter of 2018 we had an increase in the consumption of the screens of protection around 56.8% more than in the first quarter of 2017.

New units of Apartments in São Paulo


The launch of new projects also grew, totaling 28,657 units, an increase of 48% compared to 2016. According to Amary, a significant part of the new projects is related to the growth of the My Home My Life program that is in a more heated and good demand credit. Secovi’s estimate for this year is stability in the number of launches and increase of 5% to 10% in sales compared to last year. With the resurgence of economic growth, the construction companies also offer good negotiations when closing deals. So this is a good time to buy.  A good tip is to get away from high-priced central regions and get to know growing neighborhoods that provide benefits, infrastructure, mobility and leisure with more affordable values.



One tip for a great property purchase is the GO Ten Botanic Garden.


Features: Leisure Items•Party room• Barbecues• Home Office• Movies / Games• Toys• Playground• Fitness• Barbecue support• Arrival Square• External Fitness• Playbaby• Playground• Discovery Quadra• Picnic•Vegetable garden

Are You Wasting Ad Dollars On Yellow Pages Advertising?

I could probably say this more tactfully, but here Is the truth:

If you are spending thousands of dollars to get space to be seen and noticed, and then run a Yellow Page ad that fails to catch your prospect’s attention and say something persuasive, well you are wasting your darn money!

Sounds clear placed into white and black, doesn’t it? But take a look at your Yellow Page directory and see for yourself. Do any ads grab you by the collar and pull you? Is there one Yellow Page ad that speaks straight to YOUR felt needs, wishes and emotional state of mind? Or are your eyes peeled above a sea of the promises that are dull, trite clichés, and clip-art images?

Image result for Yellow Pages Advertising

So shed that “break-even mentality” and expect your next Yellow Page advertising to use that expensive ad space wisely – by muscling out every other ad on the page, enticing the prospect’s attention, and compelling those very same prospects to call you.

Yes, a les pages jaunes pro ad can (and should) do this, but you need to insist on an ad specifically intended for your business and precisely targeted towards your ideal client.

“But my Yellow Page Rep told me that this advertisement was designed specifically for my enterprise?” Well, frankly, I doubt it. It may have been put together for your accounts.

But tell me this, if you replaced your organization name and telephone number, would your current Yellow Page advertisement be used by the companies in your class? Just how much did the ad designer or sales rep ask you regarding your business and target customers before designing the advertisement? Did they spend over twenty minutes producing your Yellow Pages advertisement?

For roughly the cost of running your ad for a single month, an experienced Yellow Pages advertising design consultant will take some time to learn about your organization and your most important clients – especially to tap into the psychological condition and mindset of your prospects – before placing down to design your ad. And this type of emotional insight, combined with real design experience, can catapult your Yellow Page ad response to herculean levels.

How do I know that? I’ve discovered it through 30 decades of advertising design experience, 15 of which have been spent designing effective Yellow Page ads exclusively. In my extensive experience, a highly concentrated, professionally designed ad normally generates ad response improvements of 30-70%. Some of our clients have heard their phones ring 500 – 800% more often!

Naturally, there are a variety of things which will affect your reaction speed but the most important point to bear in mind is that: If you are going to deliver all that money every month to your publisher, run the most powerful, phone-call-generating Yellow Pages ad possible. Otherwise, rip your company from the Yellow Pages and spend your money wisely, elsewhere.