Finding Large Format Printers

Most people who buy a printer get those that print about the size of a standard sheet of paper or a few inches wider. They might not be aware that much larger sheets of paper are available for printing and that there are quite a few printers available that suit them. A typical size larger than standard sheets is tabloid paper, which is as wide as a standard leaf is long and between 14 and 18 inches in its length. It takes large format printers to hold it.

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Why use Large Format Printers?

The first advantage to getting a larger printer is the ability to make photos larger than standard paper. This is normal when ordering pictures from a commercial printing service, but it seems impossible in the home without gluing two pieces of paper together. Large printers are available, although it is more common to buy much larger ones over the internet. It is possible to find inkjet printers that are as wide as 28 inches. This would satisfy your need for the occasional poster or portrait.

Advantages of Large Format Printers

The biggest reason to get a large printer is some type of hobby or side business. Tabloid sized paper can be printed on both sides and folded in order to produce credible looking small scale magazines. This is excellent for an organization or to experiment with having a publication. For very large print jobs, only large machinery can satisfactorily and economically complete an order, but a personal laser printer could do fifty.

Great for businesses and schools

It all depends on your needs. Purely black and white laser printers do not usually come very wide and accommodate tabloid sized paper at best. Even larger printers do not get wider than this. A specialty wide printer is usually for portraits and printing posters and banners. This is great for businesses, schools, and recreational organizations that need occasional promotion material. Printers capable of economically printing larger volumes are pricier than the home versions.


Large format printers are miracles of convenience, and laser printers are very much faster than inkjet printers. The inkjet printers come with cartridges that are harder to find and not easy to refill, but they get the occasional job done at a slower pace. The limitation is that the printer has to scroll over a large surface, and it might be necessary to leave a large project alone for minutes at a time for a full banner to print. Even regular posters might take a few.

Ink cartridges

Laser printers with wide trays are rare and cost several hundred dollars at least. Toner is easier to replace than an ink cartridge and definitely costs less in the long run. A good brand should be able to furbish replacement toner and other parts for years into the future. It pays to look into the reliability of a company before making a major purchase.

Visit a website that has all sorts of large format printers. A specialty website might be better than a general retailer because of the more numerous options and the better chance of a deal. Our inventories might last longer than others even when they come out with a new model. Check and see what all is available.